Blogging for beginners series

PART 5 : DO’S & DONT’S TO BLOGGING || #BloggingForBeginnersSeries 

Hi there,  Welcome to the last and final segment to my #BloggingForBeginnersSeries sniff sniff. As they say all good things must come to an end. It has definitely been fun sharing with all of you out there the in's and out's to starting a blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read… Continue reading PART 5 : DO’S & DONT’S TO BLOGGING || #BloggingForBeginnersSeries 

Blogger/Youtuber feature


Hi beauties,  It is Friday which means its time for a blogger of the week feature. This week's blogger of the week is a total go getter. Shiara ( I love her unique name just as much as i love reading her blog posts 😉) who is the creator of The Purplesunflowers blog, she writes about everything… Continue reading BLOGGER OF THE WEEK || THE PURPLE SUNFLOWERS BLOG || #SupportingLocal 


​ARE YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS CAUSING YOU TO BREAKOUT MORE?? || Learn more on what you putting on your face

Hi beauties, So you chilling watching a YouTube video or you reading a review blog post on the latest and greatest beauty product on the market and you convinced you just HAVE TO have that product like RIGHT NOW- no research required- common ladies we have all been there and done that! 

Blogging for beginners series

Part 4: Resources and Content || #BloggingForBeginnersSeries 

Hi there, This week in the #BloggingForBeginnersSeries I am going to talk about the most important aspect when it comes to blogging and that is RESOURCES and CONTENT.  Now that you all set up and you got your blog designed the way you like it the key to putting your blog on the map and… Continue reading Part 4: Resources and Content || #BloggingForBeginnersSeries 

DIY's & other uses · makeup · makeup challenges


Hi beauties, These past few days on YouTube (I first saw it on I am just a makeup lover’s channel) I have been seeing a lot of videos pop up featuring this “amazing” foundation trick to prevent your foundation from going all cakey on you AND making your foundation a bit more full coverage. It consists of two makeup items which you probably already have...