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5 tips & tricks to saving money 💸

Hi beauties, So every January we all make resolutions and let’s face it who actually successfully keeps their new year’s resolutions??  Well long story short my resolution was to save money in 2017 so at the end of the year I can go on a lovely and relaxing holiday! Fast forward to July and all… Continue reading 5 tips & tricks to saving money 💸

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Hi beauties, These past few days on YouTube (I first saw it on I am just a makeup lover’s channel) I have been seeing a lot of videos pop up featuring this “amazing” foundation trick to prevent your foundation from going all cakey on you AND making your foundation a bit more full coverage. It consists of two makeup items which you probably already have...

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Hi beauties, Today I am showing you my 5 product face which is basically the  products I would use in my makeup routine if I could choose five products only. In my head I thought this would make a great post but boy was it difficult once I had to sit down and actually decide. It is definitely a challenge trying to round off your makeup routine to using just five products so I thought it will be a fun blog post to do as well as a video tutorial of me doing the challenge creating a minimal makeup look.