Labello Vanilla Buttercream Review💄

Hi Beauties,

Welcome to my very first blog post for 2017 oops meant 2018! Yup i know i am only publishing a blog post in February but i decided to take a break from social media and blogging in January now that i am well rested and offically back at it i have a ton of new and innovative posts heading your way! I am a bit rusty from my break so i apologise profusely if this post may seem all over the place. Ok so thats enough of me rambling, as the title of today’s blog post suggests i have been testing out the latest flavour addition to the Labello lipcare range and it got me craving some vanilla cake.

When i received my Labello package from Rubybox it had me reminiscing of my high school days. I dont know about you but for me i was OBSESSED with Labello during my teenage years- i just could not get enough! I have been testing out their latest flavour for the past week and today i am sharing with you my final thoughts on the new Labello Vanilla Buttercream lip balm.

The Labello Vanilla Buttercream caring lip balm smells absolutely DELICIOUS – almost good enough to eat! 😉 The lip balm comes in the classic Labello packaging. Its easy to wind up and down it comes in a twist tube. This new flavour claims to:

– Immediately cares for your lips
– Delights with vanilla aroma
– Leaves your lips deeply moisturised and smooth
– Skin compatibility dermatologically approved


  • For the delights claim they definitely dont disappoint with that it has a strong vanilla fragrance however if you are sensitive to smell then this product may not be for you.
  • There is a definite difference in formula between this lip balm and their other lip balms. The vanilla buttercream feels alot more thicker when you apply it to the lips whereas their cherry flavour (my fav😍) is much more lightweight. However i do prefer this vanilla buttercream one because it is more moisturising due to the shea butter and natural oils that it contains.
  • I tend to have extremely dry and chapped lips. A week of using this religiously every day left my lips more soft and smooth.


This lip balm works as a great primer especially for matte lipsticks which tend to dry out the lips even more.💡


  • I know this is not one of the claims but one factor i did notice was that it does not leave that light tint to the lips like the cherry or strawberry flavour did and the tint is something i rely on because my natural lips are extremely pigmented and dark- thanks anaemia 😒- however thats not really a train smash it does leave the slightest shine to your lips.
  • I dont know if its just me but comparing it to my favourite the cherry flavour i found that with the vanilla buttercream i had to apply the product more often than i do with the cherry one. But again i dont mind applying it often anything to get a whiff off that divine vanilla scent 😍


Yes i most certainly would recommend this lip balm. Especially if you use it just before putting on a hardecore matte lipstick your lips will thank you later trust me. These will retail for R24,99* and you can get them from Dischem, Clicks, Pick n Pay and Checkers stores.

*prices subject to change.

Thank you so much to RubyBox for introducing my followers and I to this new and delish addition to Labello.

RubyBox currently has a cool competition running in conjunction with Labello and some talented food bloggers. If you want to win some serious cash be sure to sign up to RubyBox and enter the competition by clicking right here – its free to sign up!

Until my next post! ❤

Bye for now…


Product was sent to me as a press drop however all opinions are my own honest thoughts.


One thought on “Labello Vanilla Buttercream Review💄

  1. This sounds exactly like what I look for when I look for a lip balm. Im also receiving some from ruby box and looking forward to trying them


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