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Hi my beauties,

⚠Just a head’s up before I get into this post I do want to warn you that this post is going to be a long one so grab a snack and sit back and enjoy this post.⚠

Before I begin I just want to wish all the beautiful women out there a very HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY👭👭👭👭!! For those of you who do not know the history of women’s day, other than looking at it being a public holiday 😒,  this iconic day dates all the way back to 9th August 1956 which commemorated the 1956 march of 20000 women to the Union Buildings in order to petition against the apartheid government’s Pass Law. This significant day also sheds light on issues that still tend to show its ugly head such as domestic violence and sexual harassment, etc. 

As you may have noticed I did not post a blogger/ Youtuber of the week feature this past Friday only because I wanted to share an assortment of local Bloggers, Youtubers and even local businesses all run by women and what better day to do this on none other than National Women’s Day. I really wish I could mention everyone whom I have come into contact with in this past year and who have all played a small part in me starting my blog but honestly we would be here till next year. So let’s get into it!



The lovely Simran is the owner of the Instagram beauty and lifestyle blog called Burgundy beauty. She posts daily beauty product reviews ranging from skincare to makeup, if you got your eye on a certain product Burgundy Beauty ZA most likely got you hooked up already with a review😉. What I admire about her is that she strives on sharing her most brutally honest opinion in all her review posts regardless if they are PR items or not you can see she looks out for her reader’s best interest. 

Follow @burgundybeautyza on Instagram by clicking here.


Rumannah is the face behind the Instagram blog called Plausible Paws. Her blog is literally made up of a combination of my two favourite things in the world FOOD and BEAUTY! The same applies to Plausible Paws; she aims on sharing her honest beauty product reviews with her followers both positive and negative, she showcases some restaurants around South Africa and their delectable food creations. What I enjoy the most about her insta blog is her instastories and live videos where she has done some stunning makeup tutorials and hauls. 

You can follow @plausiblepaws on Instagram by clicking here. 
YOUTUBER: Maxine Phoenix 

The Youtuber I am featuring in this special post is Maxine Phoenix. I wish I can name one favourite video by Maxine but I can’t because all of them are so good and you can see she is really dedicated in putting out good quality videos. From cool collab challenges to review and demo videos and a touch of makeup tutorials and haul videos (I am a sucker for hauls😍) she comes up with something new every time. My favourite segment of hers has got to be her short and sweet feature Friday videos.

Make sure to subscribe to Maxine’s channel by clicking here.

BLOGGER: SassyFromBirth 

The blogger I chose to feature and it is a blog that really caught my attention now for a few months, is Sassyfrombirth created by the lovely Nimmi. I have been following Nimmi on Insatgram for a while and I enjoy the makeup looks she creates and posts. The aspect I really enjoy about her blog is the “affordable makeup” reviews she does. Of course all product reviews she shares are her honest opinions but that’s just the great part to it that it is all AFFORDABLE products yet also great quality and this factor caters for the everyday girl on a budget.  

Follow Sassyfrombirth’s blog by clicking here.



This Jozi business  stocks handmade and natural skin care products. I found out about Be Uzuri from fellow blogger Yolanda from Stunnersslayuniquenessblog where she did a review of their Hot cloth cleanser. Can I also just point out that this cleanser does pretty much the same functions as that of a certain bigtime hot shot cosmetic brand which is way overpriced 😉 #JustSaying. All products from Be Uzuri & co are made from natural ingredients and are all cruelty free and my favourite word they are AFFORDABLE

You can purchase from them by DMing them on Instagram by clicking this link right here.


This is a South African Instagram business which is believed to be started by teenage blogger Maseeha. Talk about young and talented! They sell a wide range of sweet eyeshadow palettes and concealer palettes all at affordable prices and guess what they also cruelty free, so head on over to their Instagram page take a scroll trust me you are bound to fall in love with something! Thevisionofpersephone recently did a review on the #RoseyPalette which is on my wishlist😍; you can take a read of that review over here.

Follow Candypop Cosmetics on Instagram by clicking here.


I really hope you enjoyed reading this special post; it was liberating writing up this post. Of recent I have picked up on a lot of women on women bullying and harassment taking place on the various social media platforms. Instead of standing together and uniting like the courageous women from 1956 we are turning on one another and letting every tiny and petty issue get the better of us. We are women and we are natural born nurturers, we should be caring, understanding and forgiving to one another and NOT run to your “insta stories” or “twitter” to tear another human being down because really girl you don’t know what that other person may being going through and experiencing in their life, rather empower your fellow sister and lets start building and becoming a support structure to all women around the globe.  

With that being said I just want to again wish all the beautiful South African women a happy women’s day and I hope you all have a relaxing day. I also urge each of you out there to post ONE positive and empowering piece of a fellow woman who has inspired you to be the person you are today- it can be a blogger, your nail tech or even a girl from your Maths class it is high time we cut out the issue of bullying and start promoting and empowering one another, you can post on any of your social media accounts  also don’t forget to tag me I would love to see all your posts my social media links will be listed below! #SupportingLocal

Until my next post❤
Bye for now…


All images belong to the respective owners all mentioned in this post. 



  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in this post, Jerishka. You cannot know how much it means to me! This morning I was stuck in a rut, comparing myself to other people’s feeds on Instagram. Comparison is truly the thief of joy. But support from my fellow bloggers like yourself replenishes joy and encourages me to carry on posting content and empowering myself and others ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You most welcome babe just so glad to have made your day! 😘 you deserve it especially for all your hardwork. Your blog posts have helped me so much in what to buy and what not to, but dont ever compare yourself to another because you are unique in your own beautiful way 😘


      1. No problem, I loved reading about the different bloggers.
        If you have any time I would love your opinion on my blog. I only started it a few weeks ago, so any feedback is welcome.

        Liked by 1 person

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