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JULY FAVOURITES || Beauty products, Series and Restaurants I have been loving 📖

Hi Beauties,

Wow!! Can you believe it is August already??? Like where is 2017 going already! Also yesterday marked exactly two month since I started my blog – whoop whoop! 🎉🎉

Today I am sharing with you my favourites for the month of July. From makeup products, to skincare and some restaurants and movies/ series I have been enjoying for the month this July favourites is a definite all-rounder!


  • LA Girl gel eyeliner (R69, 95)

Before you all go crazy on me yes I know I did feature this product in my “4 disappointing makeup buys” which I posted on my Instagram page which you can read here. On that post the lovely Sassyfrombirth actually introduced me to using this gel eyeliner to fill in my brows!! Since then I have not used anything else, with this product a little goes a long way so it’s going to last you practically forever. The downside as an eyeliner is that it is not highly pigmented and pitch black which is why it is perfect for filling in sparse areas and giving my brows a more natural look opposed to the whole “drawn on” eyebrow slay look- p.s I am not hating on those of you who dig the bold brow look each to our own preferences right! 🙈

  • Urban Decay naked palette (R850)

Now I know this is a fairly old palette and Urban Decay has come out with several newer palettes and lets not leave out China mall who stock the palettes that Urban Decay themselves have not yet released😒- but judging from the price of ONE palette there is no way I am even going to try to keep up with buying all the palettes in their range!

If you read my 50 fun facts about me post you would know this is pretty much the only high end eyeshadow product I own. I won this palette and I was reluctant to use it because I knew just how expensive it is! Off recent I started using it again and I am living for the shade creep it is a midnight blue almost black shade. What I love about this palette is that it caters well for women of colour, as I have a darker skin tone I tend to reach for warm neutral shades but sometimes I like to get in tuned with my dark, smoky and vampy side. You can literally create a look using just one palette. The pigmentation is great for most of the shades and they last for most of the day with or without an eyeshadow primer.

Would I repurchase? No I would not only because there are always new palettes being released and its just not that ride or die must have product for me. Let’s also not forget that you paying around R70 per shadow in the palette which is daylight robbery in my opinion. 

If you would like a review on whether it is versatile for women of colour let me know down in the comments section?

  • Avène thermal spring water (R150)

I was sent the Avène thermal spring water range to test out and I didn’t quite get why this thermal spring water was such a hyped product because I saw that it did nothing for my skin, only till I started using it as a “makeup setting spray”. It perfectly blends all my makeup in and it allows my makeup to stay in place for majority of the day. It also helps in removing any powdery residue I may have from baking and setting my face. This product actually made me release that I don’t like the MOD makeup setting spray which I have used for the longest of time- another product which is just over hyped. With the MOD finishing spray I noticed that it made my makeup transfer A LOT where as with the Avène spring water there was extremely little to almost no transfer whatsoever

Would I repurchase? Yes I definitely would.

  • Chentare contour brush (R60)

Recently I have been gravitating to my Chentare contour brush. It is the perfect brush to achieve that sharp AF contour and the best part is it’s the perfect size to get that snatched nose contour- bonus is there is no need for two separate brushes this single brush does the job! Chentare is a local South African brand who stock 100% vegan and cruelty free products at affordable prices from as little as R40 you can create your own brush collection. I also want to mention that I have four brushes from them in total and I have used them literally over 5o times and washed them often and I have not experienced any shedding as yet.

You can shop Chentare products by clicking here


Seeing that all my favourite series are on hiatus I have been watching Witches of east end. This American series is inspired by the novel written by Melissa de la Cruz. If you a fan of charmed you will enjoy this magical and supernatural witch drama, even though there are only two seasons of it, as it was cancelled due to a decline in the show’s ratings it is still worth a watch. The cast include Jenna Dewan- Tatum- yup you guessed it this pretty lady is the Mrs Channing Tatum – and Eric Winter better known as the yummy Rex Brady from Days of our lives. Now you see why its worth the watch- and eye candy 😉


My family loves there seafood but being a vegetarian it can be difficult to find a meal apart from chips that is suitable for me. I hate cheese but I am obsessed with Halloumi cheese fried or grilled you name it I love it is legit my weak spot!! I have tried and tested Halloumi from every possible restaurant and Ocean Basket by far makes the best fried Halloumi cheese paired off with their stir fry veg and savoury rice mmmmm I am salivating just writing this! What I like about Ocean Basket is that they change their menu often and even though it is a seafood joint they cater for vegetarians more than any other restaurant I have been too. 
That’s it for my July favourites, please let me know if you enjoyed it? For future reference let me know if you would like to see a beauty and lifestyle mix like this favourites post or do you want it to be strictly beauty related? 


What have you been enjoying in July? It can be absolutely anything 😊

Thank you all for reading, until my next post ❤
Bye for now…



11 thoughts on “JULY FAVOURITES || Beauty products, Series and Restaurants I have been loving 📖

  1. LOL @ the China mall having unreleased UD palettes!!

    You are making my mouth water. Ocean basket is my FAVE as well! The cheesy prawns…. I order that as a main with a side of rice and I add lots of chillies. Oh my word…#MouthWateringRightNow lol

    I loved Witches of East End…was so pee’d off when it was cancelled 😦

    Enjoyed reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol its true i see it at every single shop i walk into 🙈 Ocean Basket is the best and you get a decent quantity for your monies worth they are so affordable 😍😍 i know right they just left us hanging like whose the father of Ingrid’s baby 😱😱 thank you so sooo much for reading ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your way of writing and how you explain things 😍 witches of east end is one of my fave showww!! When it got cancelled I was like WTFFFF 😑 especially for the ending!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post!
    I’m so happy that you’re loving the gel liner for your brows 😊 I’ve definitely been loving it this July. 😉
    I was ogling the Chentare brush in your Insta post on the LA Girl Powder. Thanks so much for including the link 😁Local companies are really coming through for us.💪
    I recently discovered Halloumi. It is one of the best things ever! I’ve only ever been to Ocean Basket once though 😕


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