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Hi beauties, 

Happy friday to you beautiful souls reading this 😘 This week i am featuring yet another South African youtuber and it is none other than Jade Challis.

Jade is a super talented makeup artist and qualified graphic designer. This sweet makeup lover has a wide variety of makeup tutorials for you to learn, follow and mainly recreate. From occasional vlogs to product reviews and some pretty awesome collaborations in which she has worked along with some of SA’s awesome bloggers and youtubers you just got to love her videos.

So make sure to follow the beautiful  Jade’s channel by clicking the link below.⤵

If you in the Johannesburg region and would like to have the lovely Jade give you a slaying face beat you can contact her via her Instagram page by also clicking the link below. ⤵

Social media deets for Jade Challis:

Instagram- click here

Youtube- click here

If you are a local south african beauty blogger or youtuber get in contact with me i would love to check out your sites 😄

Thank you so much for reading my youtuber of the week feature! Until my next post ❤

Bye for now… 


5 thoughts on “YOUTUBER OF THE WEEK ||JADE CHALLIS #SupportingLocal 

  1. Thank you so much for the feature hun. I truly appreciate. Thank you for showing love to everyone, from bloggers to YouTubers. Its such a lovely thing you’re doing ❤️🌸

    Liked by 1 person

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