Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation review || Is it worth the splurge? 💸

Hi beauties,

Ever since I developed a passion for makeup i have been searching for the perfect foundation and by perfect i mean it matches me to a T it must not look like i am wearing foundation basically. I have tried it all from Revlon to Loréal and even Maybelline and Yardley nothing really made me fall in love and make me head out the next day to stock up on it- you know what i mean… 
Recently i decided to splurge and purchase the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in the Shade 5W1 Bronze. I have heard nothing but good things about it and i have really been on the fence for months on whether to purchase it because lets face it R545 for a foundation is a bit much 😱 

Did you know? 

W- Warm (red, yellow undertones)

N- Neutral (peach undertones)

C- Cool (pink/rosy undertones)

so lets jump into the claims which i have gotten from the Estée Lauder website :


  • For the longest time i have been in search for the perfect foundation for my oily skin and i have finally found my soulmate 😍 yeah i know i am being dramatic but with other “matte” foundations my skins oils start to seep through after just three hours of wear. With the DW i can literally go a full 9 hour work day without having to touch up/ blot or powder my face! 
  • Just one application of this foundation has a pretty awesome medium  coverage and it definitely can be built up to a full coverage. 
  • Even though it may be winter i have put the humidity claim to the test- because the aircons are down at my work place and it can get extremely hot- and it passes the humidity test. Even though it got toasty my foundation did not budge throughout the day. 
  • Personally for me it did not oxidise or change shades, the shade you apply stays the same throughout the day. 
  • It doesnt transfer or smudge i would know because i have a bad habit of touching my face constantly  🙈
  • Even though it has great coverage it does not feel heavy or thick on your skin it IS light. 
  • Well i guess for the price it is worth it because a little bit of product definitely does go a long way. 


    • For the price we pay for this foundation it should atleast come with a pump or something. It can become quite messy when using this foundation.
    • I dont know if any one else experienced this but when i apply the foundation on my face before blending in it tends to burn and tingle alittle on my skin, did anyone else experience this??? Should i be worried i mean i didnt break out since i started using this foundation and this sensation is manageable to deal with.  💭
    • After applying, blend it out ASAP it does dry kinda fast making it a little hard to work with. 
    • Would i purchase this product again?

    Definitely YES! It is worth every cent burning sensation and all 🙊

    • Would i recommend it? 

    If you have oily skin and your main concern is your foundation sliding away then this one is for you. 

    I hope you enjoyed this review on the double wear foundation. This foundation is worth the hype and the splurge. Let me know if you use this foundation and experience the same burning sensation as me??  Dont forget to follow me on my social media accounts listed below and let me know what reviews you would like to see next ☺
    Thank you for reading! Until my next post ❤
    Bye for now… 


    15 thoughts on “Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation review || Is it worth the splurge? 💸

    1. Great review. It is quite long lasting and does not transfer which Is ammmazzing. I have not used this foundation a while as it did make me break out with a couple of pimples… I never felt a burn or tingle maybe your skin does not agree with a certain ingredient in the foundation

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    2. Awesome post, very informative. I bought it 2 weeks back, in in the colour henna. Never had the tingling sensation, maybe ur skin is extra sensitive cz I have sensitive skin. Or maybe u exfoliated or used a mask? Definitely agree it’s addictive, I have been using it almost everyday. Obsessed!

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