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PART 5 : DO’S & DONT’S TO BLOGGING || #BloggingForBeginnersSeries 

Hi there, 

Welcome to the last and final segment to my #BloggingForBeginnersSeries sniff sniff. As they say all good things must come to an end. It has definitely been fun sharing with all of you out there the in’s and out’s to starting a blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my last four posts in this series and for all the love and positive feedback i received its so rewarding knowing that it helped a handful of you to start a blog or even consider joining the blogging community 😘

As the title of today’s post suggests it is the Do’s and Dont’s to blogging. It is extremely vital to bear these do’s and dont’s in mind inorder to run a fruitful blog. So without any further rambling lets get into it 😉


  • Create a blog that is meaningful to you. 
  • Do surveys and polls to better understand your readers needs.
  • Pay attention to the design of your blog as first impressions do count. 
  • Be consistent- this is an aspect i have mentioned before the best way to achieving consistency is by sticking to a schedule. Personally i noticed when i stuck to a schedule or when i posted four times in a week which was when i noticed i acquired more traffic with my blog.
  • Show your human side- there are thousands of blogs being set up daily and especially in todays day and age people are buying followers and it can be difficult to get noticed. Show your readers that there is a human behind the blog that is what will make you stand out from “agency” blogs.
  • Set aside time to brainstorm new posts this will help prevent you from suffering from “writers block”
  • Comment on fellow bloggers posts and Make friends with those bloggers and im not talking about people you already know and comfortable with, i mean NEW bloggers. There is really no use in us saying lets support one another when you yourself are not open to even reading a newbies blog post. This is something we are all guilty of doing. So take the time to comment on atleast three blogs per day in the end this is how you will get your most loyal readers. 


  • Do not just “blog to blog“- There must be a purpose behind everything you write.
  • Do not be discouraged- okay lets be real here its unlikely you going to have a 1000 views on your first blog post on the first day. Success is something that will not happen over night it will take time and im talking months. Now im not saying its impossible it is if you buy your followers which is not a guarantee that you going to get LOYAL readers and followers.
  • When doing product reviews do not be overly promotional. Remember you a blogger NOT a sales rep. Your readers do not want to read a sales pitch they want to know your honest opinions so value that. 
  • Do not start blogging with the intention to receive freebies. Companies out there only do PR collaborations with bloggers who have a good followership and traffic. 
  • Do not use the hard work of others especially if you do not have their permission.  
  • Don’t focus so much about the readers you don’t have focus on the ones you do have. 
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – compare yourself to the YOU when you first started blogging. 
  • Don’t give up too quickly – building a blog takes time. But at the same time dont focus solely on blogging remember you have a life so dont forget to live it! 

And that ends this series. My advice to you is just keep at it. You have to work hard, but you can make success happen faster if you also work smart. I hope you feel better about starting a blog, or you have found a renewed purpose for your current blog. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me via any of my social media accounts ☺ if you would like to work with companies and brands for PR purposes and you interested on how the “big time” bloggers approach them let me know in the comments?

A big thank you again for following this series 😘

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Bye for now…


20 thoughts on “PART 5 : DO’S & DONT’S TO BLOGGING || #BloggingForBeginnersSeries 

  1. Thank you for this series. It really helped me a lot. My blog is of course still very new and I know that Pr stuff is a very far step for me but none the less I like to plan ahead for this so how do you approach companies without looking almost desperate or cheesy?

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  2. Thanks for an awesome series hun 🙂 I’ve just started my blog, and while I’m struggling to find inspiration, these tips will def come in handy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really loved this series. My first post is going up tomorrow and it has been really helpfull! I know it is early days but my goal is to PR with companies but haven’t a clue where to start! Thank you for the follow🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You most welcome hun😘😘 welcome to the blogging community 😄 im heading over right now to check out your first post 🎉 im not going to lie getting noticed by PR companies is not easy i have reached out so some but they mainly interested in you if your followership is over 1K which is why i rather work hard at putting out good content and be consistent and letting them reach out to me 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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